Welcome to my World

Come on in and sit a spell - you'll find excerpts from my new book, Song of the Enotah here, a collection of short stories, poetry and photographs infused with Cherokee and mountain lore to tell a tale - my story of growing up in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia.

Visit Brasstown Bald, the Enotah Valley and Hiawassee to get a taste for what life was like in Towns County a few short years past, before the TVA and Blue Ridge Electric lit up our sky, changing our whole world and covering a great deal of it with the blue waters of Lake Chatuge.

My song - and my story - is not so much about growing up gay - as it is about the struggles of a gay child/man to live his life with some measure of dignity. I expect you will find many parts of "Song" that you can relate to - pages that speak directly to you. Perhaps the mountain will begin to sing you its song as you listen.

Enjoy the site and keep in touch!


Our house was built with the lumber salvaged from the old torn-down community schoolhouse. My father build it around 1933. There never was a bathroom. My brother is the owner/caretaker of the place today. It sits in silence, but otherwise little changed since the days of my youth.